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“No, Mr. Trump: Tariffs and Trade Wars are not ‘Great.”

This was a PowerPoint presentation that I used for a critical analysis of President Trump’s foreign trade strategy. The talk explored the basic international trade theory to highlight that the imbalances the President complains about are not caused by bad trade deals but rather by fundamental macroeconomic balances. Specifically, it emphasized the importance of the savings-to-investment ratio in national economies. By applying this reasoning to the US economy and its trade deficits with China and Europe, I presented evidence that the tariff war strategy pursued by Trump will ultimately fail and have adverse effects on America’s economy.

“The Stumbling Dragon”

I used this PowerPoint presentation in my recent speaking engagements on China’s economy. During these talks, I delve into the reasons behind the Chinese economy’s slowdown from its previous rapid growth, as well as the significant challenges it currently faces and will continue to face in the long-term future. Among the immediate challenges are the looming threat of a financial crisis, driven by escalating corporate and local government debt, along with extensive overcapacity in various industries. On the other hand, the long-term obstacles stem from China’s aging population and its failure to invest adequately in human capital. Despite these challenges, I firmly believe that China still possesses immense potential. However, misguided government policies and priorities are impeding progress and hindering the implementation of necessary reforms.

“Women Hold Up Half the Sky”

This PPT was utilized in my recent speaking engagement where I discussed the position of women in China. The phrase “Women hold up half the sky” is a famous quote by Chairman Mao, who, despite his many faults, made significant contributions to female emancipation in China. However, despite the progress made by Chinese women in the People’s Republic, they continue to face numerous challenges. Single women who wish to pursue careers and delay marriage are labeled as “leftover” women. Sexism and discrimination persist in the workplace, and there are significant issues related to work-life balance for women. Additionally, domestic violence remains a pervasive problem. In my speech, I shed light on these less favorable aspects of contemporary China, including the recent crackdown by the Chinese government on feminist activists who strive to address these issues.

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