I am Daniel Garst

China Expert with In-Depth Knowledge and Experience

I have over a decade of living and working in China, giving me a deep understanding of the country’s economy, social change, and cultural life. I have published extensively in China, including scholarly articles, journalistic pieces, and grant proposals. I am also an experienced English editor and mentor to Chinese students applying to American universities.

My Unique China Experience

My China experience was unusual in two key respects. First, I spent a year living and working in a very low-tier city in Henan Province. This gave me a unique perspective on the lives of ordinary Chinese people. Second, I worked as a corporate trainer in a subsidiary company of the China National Petroleum Corporation. This gave me a ground-level view of how a Chinese state-owned enterprise operates.

My Expertise and Services

I am well-positioned to help individuals, businesses, and organizations dealing with China. I can provide consulting, editing, grant writing, mentoring, and public speaking services. I am also available to give presentations on China to groups of all sizes.

Specialist Skills and Experience – I am a highly experienced China expert with a proven track record of success in a variety of fields, including research, writing, editing, grant writing, speaking, and mentoring.


I have published extensively on China, with my work appearing in top-flight academic journals, such as Comparative Political Studies, International Studies Quarterly, and Theory and Society. I have also co-authored research papers for the World Bank and the International Labor Organization.


I am a skilled writer with a clear and concise style. I have written for a variety of publications, including China Daily, China Capitalist, and Business Tianjin. I am also a regular guest columnist for China Daily and a frequent contributor of guest editorials to the same publication.


I am an experienced editor with a keen eye for detail. I have edited research reports, press releases, conference reports, and photography exhibitions for a variety of organizations, including the German Archaeological Institute, the Heinrich Bӧll Foundation, and Hill + Knowlton Strategies.

Grant Writing

I am a certified grant writer with a proven track record of success. I have written successful grants for the World Bank, the San Joaquin River Parkway Trust, and the Borui Chungxue Education Consulting Center.


I am an engaging and informative speaker. I have addressed various groups on China-related topics, including the Chinese economy and the status of women in the country. I am also available to give presentations on a variety of other topics.


I have a deep understanding of American higher education and am passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals. I have mentored Chinese students seeking admission to US universities and have also taught a college preparatory mini-course on international trade.


I have a BA in International Relations and German from the University of Southern California and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Minnesota. I am fluent in German and have a working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.


Advanced German (speaking, reading, and writing), working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese

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